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    February 24, 2020


$74.85 $64.85

“KobataStyle”™ Defensive Skills  – Full Online Course Part 1, 2 & 3: After purchase, you will receive a PDF with a private link granting instant access. No sign up necessary.

In this 3-part training set, catching, throwing and fielding are all enhanced through application of the “KobataStyle”™.  The advanced methods in this three part training program show players and coaches how to properly use technique, leverage, position and momentum to improve the speed and accuracy of all their defensive skills.  This set also includes ‘KobataStyle”™ Team Drills to improve the efficiency of each practice and teach the best approach for developing both fundamentals and advanced skills.  In all, with these fast-pitch drills and softball tips you will learn how to become a superior defensive player at any infield position!

After purchase, you will download a PDF with private link for immediate & easy access to your training. You’ll be able to easily view your training on any computer or device. No sign up necessary!

In that, you’ll have full access to our 2 part training on improving core softball defensive skills, and 1 part training on team drills. This is the best investment you can make to improve your defensive softball skills and become the best player you can be! Your softball team will thank you!



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