Testimonials about America’s leading Fastpitch softball defensive coach,Howard Kobata for softball training:

softball tips and softball drills for fastpitch softball defense

“We first invested in Howard’s videos last year at the 2000 NSA World Series in Ohio. We were so impressed with the drills and the knowledge of Mr. Kobata that we just had to meet him in person and have him work with the team. The style of aggressive defensive that Howard teaches is great for all skill levels, and that proper throwing and positioning while fielding can make all the difference in making the out. Thank you Mr. Kobata for sharing with us how to position ourselves for more speed and accurate throwing. The Kansas City Force 16U “A” . It was truly an honor to meet you. “

Gene Ellis – Coach
16U K.C. Force, Kansas City, Missouri

softball tips and softball drills for fastpitch softball defense

“I was introduced to Howard’s videos through my daughters High School coach. They had just come off back to back State Championships and he attributed a lot of the success to the techniques that Howard teaches. I knew the first time I watched them that I was on to something special. I immediately started teaching my daughter and my travel team players the techniques. The difference is truly amazing. We thought so much of the tapes that we decided to fly Howard in for a personalized clinic. The feedback from the participants was very positive and we plan to have Howard back for a follow up clinic this spring. These tapes are a must if you want to play at the highest level.”

Rick Riccardi – Manager
Ohio Ice Fastpitch Softball

softball tips and softball drills for fastpitch softball defense

“Howard’s lessons have improved my team’s attitude toward defense. They now take pride in it. No longer do we look to use just a strong arm to get outs, we now use quickness. His drills have made my practices more productive and enjoyable. The coaching staff has learned a lot and looks forward to his next trip to the Pacific northwest.”

Troy James – Manager, Coeur d’Alene Crush
Coeur d’Alene, Idaho

softball tips and softball drills for fastpitch softball defense

“We have been sending girls to Howard to learn skills and techniques for several years, and Howard has done clinics for our team. The skills and techniques Howard teaches are excellent for the beginning softball player or the advanced player and will absolutely make you a better player. I
personally have watched dozens of girls become top players on high caliber teams that have been using the techniques that Howard has taught them.”

Ron McCard
California Cruisers / 1999 ASA 16u National Champions

softball tips and softball drills for fastpitch softball defense

“In fastpitch, throwing mechanics, body positioning, and speed/quickness are the fundamentals to any great defensive team. Howard Kobata’s techniques and drills will improve your team’s defensive quickness and ability to make the routine and tough outs. Howard has provided us with not only the concepts but also how to teach those effectively to all levels of players. I would highly recommend investing in your defensive game by using Howard’s concepts.”

Dave Nash
Olathe Rockets / 2000 ASA 12U Kansas City Metro Champions / 2000 ASA 12U Midwest National Champions