Fast-Pitch Softball Drills & Softball Tips

With over “30 years” experience, Howard Kobata softball skills is the leading program for individual players, teams and coaches at all skill levels!
Unique & Innovative Techniques

Too many players rely only on the strength of their arms to make plays. Kobata Style methods show you how to use body weight, position and momentum to improve your quickness and power.

Over 30 Years of Experience

Howard Kobata is known as Americas leading fast-pitch softball defensive coach. Howard introduces his newest “Kobata Style” DVD training program, with over 35 years of knowledge and techniques in fast-pitch softball drills and softball tips.

Competitive Upperhand

Our unique drills, techniques and coaching will give you and your team the “competitive upper-hand” amongst others.  The advanced methods in Kobata DVD’s show players and coaches how to properly utilize these set of unique skills to say ahead of the competition.

Howard Kobata has traveled the world teaching the most prestigious schools and teams. These series of DVD’s are a combination of the extreme skill set and experience Mr. Kobata has studied and applied for over 30 years!

In studying Kobata Softball Skills, you will receive the most unique training and practices which will dramatically increase the skill set of coaches and players alike. It is highly recommended to fully utilize these techniques and practices over and over again.

Howard Kobata – America’s Coach

Howard Kobata has been in fastpitch softball for over 30 years as a player and as an expert defensive coach. He invented the “KobataStyle” which focuses on softball tips and softball drills for fastpitch softball defense. “You’re too slow” is Howard’s signature phrase because he knows each and every player has the potential to be faster and quicker using his proven and successful “Kobata Style” methods. Howard started coaching travel ball in 1987 and was also the Infield Coach at prestigious Mater Dei High School in Orange County, CA where Doug Meyers was the head coach. Many of the softball players Howard has coached over the years have even played on the Jr. Olympic and Olympic teams. Nina Lindenberg played for Howard for 5 years and was named to the Women’s Pro League and All Star team. His own daughters were athletic scholars to Notre Dame and Stanford University. Upon retiring from coaching, Howard was in high demand to teach at camps and clinics. Howard feels that his ability to break down the different defensive techniques and the logical explanations has led to the growing demand of his camps and what has made him a standout expert and coach in the defensive area of the game. Howard travels across the country to coach, so that as many players as possible can experience his infamous “KobataStyle” defensive training. 

List of Accomplishments

2 Southern California State Championships
1 – 16 & Under ASA Nationals 9th Place 1992
1 Softball ASA… National 


1 – 14 & Under ASA Southern California Championship 1995
Top 10 finish, 3 out of 3 times at Nationals
1 – 14 & Under ASA National Championship 1995
1 – 16 & Under ASA Nationals 3rd Place 1996
1 – 16 & Under ASA Southern California Championship 1992

“33 years is a flash when you are doing what you love. It has been a joyous experience servicing teams and coaches alike. Please contact us anytime for information regarding our training camps and clinics. Thank you and train hard.”

— Founder/CEO Howard Kobata